Tatra Around the World 2 and KPCS CZ annouces partnership


> KPCS CZ, one of the market leaders in the field of Microsoft technologies, is one of the main partners of the Tatra Around the World 2 expedition. KPCS CZ will collect, analyze, store and present data related to the vehicles in real time and acquire and process photographic data. All the data will be stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud services environment. The monitored data will help the crew to anticipate possible problems, with regard to the safety of the crew and the car, the reliability and stability of the expedition special, for the entire duration of the expedition. Thanks to KPCS CZ, the public will be able to use the possibility of a two-way communication text channel via satellite connection and stay connected with the expedition. On Saturday, 22 February 2020, the Tatra Around the World 2 expedition will start, whose founders are the travelers and entrepreneurs Marek Havlíček and Petr Holeček. In addition to the travelers and enthusiasts, a number of professionals in their fields also help them with the project. One of these companies, which is also one of the main partners of the expedition, is the company KPCS CZ. KPCS CZ, as a major IT consulting company focused mainly on Microsoft technologies, will use a number of sensors to collect real-time data related to the vehicle and its surroundings and due to the predictive analysis, prevent possible problems or failures. The concept of data collection and processing is based primarily on the experience gained by KPCS CZ in cooperation with the Big Shock Racing team, led by the pilot Martin Macík at the Dakar Rally. The determination of data and operational priorities and metrics is, of course, different in the case of the Tatra Around the World 2 expedition, which results from the different needs of the extreme race and the long-term expedition. The main goal is the prevention with the possibility of early detection of possible failures and verification of the executed changes, including the possibility of communication with the suppliers of individual parts, components, etc. , The following shall be for example monitored: cylinder temperature, the course of compressor resonance, or alternator bearings resonance, temperature of the liquids, propulsion system temperatures, turbocharger temperatures, hub and brake temperatures or, thanks to Continental sensors, also the temperatures and pressures in each wheel. Furthermore, tracking information, such as GPS position and speed, GPS altitude, or atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity, cabin temperatures, etc. The processed data will be intended both for the crew and for the support of suppliers, but also for fans and supporters, for whom KPCS CZ has prepared the possibility of a two-way communication text channel via satellite connection. In this way, KPCS CZ wants to enable the public to send a short message to the crew, for example through the expedition website, and thus become part of the expedition, at least in this form. "A little adventurer is dormant in each of us, but not everyone has the luck or the opportunity to experience a real adventure. We at KPCS CZ love not only the technology and innovation, but also the knowledge and adventure. With this connection we have managed to combine useful with adventure," says Ondřej Výšek, Business and Strategy Director of KPCS CZ. "At the same time, thanks to the digital technologies and our experts, we can help the crew of the Tatra Around the World 2 expedition, provide an authentic experience to all who will be interested, and succeed in such a demanding expedition." Current information regarding the joint project will be available throughout the expedition on the website of the expedition tatrakolemsveta2.cz. Experience the Tatra Around the World 2 expedition on your own from the comfort of your home.

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