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Work anywhere and anytimea modern workplace adapts to you, not vice versa

The modern way of working has changed significantly in recent years. A modern workplace brings many new challenges in the field of teamwork. Working outside the office, meetings from anywhere, flexible work performance planning, many communication channels, an inexhaustible number of ways to share files and information.

Join thousands of organizations using Office 365 as a modern way of working. No matter what device you work on, no matter where you are; share information easily, cooperate on document creation in realtime, be productive anywhere. Most importantly, user and information security come first.

Get the benefits of modern cooperation with KPCS

  • Cooperate with the colleagues and teams.
  • Reduce the costs of sharing information.
  • Unify the end-user support, no matter what device they work on.
  • Share information between the users and external colleagues
moderní zarizeni

Guide to a modern way of (co)operation

  • Your options

    evaluation of the current state of your organization and help shape your digital vision

  • Basis of the solution

    analysis of the environment and definition of the structure and governance needed to imple-ment the new solution

  • Implementation of the solution

    delivery and solution deployment based on proven concepts

  • Adoption of solution

    with a focus to get your organization and users to accept the new solution and take full ad-vantage of it

  • Managed service

    ensuring the operation and continuous development of solutions to meet the future needs of the organization

Step 1: Scenarios of your optionsevaluation of the current state of your organization and help shape your digital vision

  • Do you control how your users work, where they store information and who they share it with?
  • Do you have rules, processes, governance available with respect to work from anywhere?
  • Do you take full advantage of the latest cloud technologies and possibilities?
  • Have you ensured the security and storage of information and documents?

There are a number of ways to work with on-premise and cloud devices today. Hybrid scenarios bring the best of both worlds. Get to know your options.

Business workshop

Our solutions

  • We offer you the best Microsoft technology specialists to help you understand your current situation and find new opportunities.
  • Use best practices and proven methodologies for the user cooperation.
  • We help you assess your organization's digital maturity, cloud readiness, security status, and you will get an overview of key threats.

Your benefits

  • You learn about the modern ways of cooperation with your users to help increase trust in your IT.
  • You get an overview of the benefits of the Office 365 cloud services.
  • You get a better overview of your current status.
  • Your organization will have an overview of the steps you should take.

How do we proceed

  • Prepare for a workshop full of inspiration and possibilities to tackle the area. We use the knowledge we have gained from many similar projects and customers.
  • The output is a report describing your current situation and status describing how you can implement your digital vision.
  • We can continue by making a demonstration of what can be achieved with the technologies.

Step 2: Basis of the solutionanalysis of the environment and definition of the structure and governance needed to implement the new solution

  • Do you understand all the aspects that relate to the modern way of working?
  • Do you know what to consider in terms of security?
  • Do you have experience, processes, and possibilities relating to data and information management also outside of the organization?
  • Do you maintain continuous monitoring to see if any data has leaked outside of the organization?
Reseni problemu

Our solution

  • Together, we design how a modern workplace should look for your users.
  • We help you prepare suitable processes for sharing and storing data and information in your organization.
  • You receive steps that you need to take with regard to user cooperation.

Your benefits

  • You receive a complete set of proposals and documents with regard to user cooperation based on the best practices of KPCS.
  • You get a blueprint of the Office 365 services.

We always work closely with our customers, working as one team. With this approach, we ensure compliance with all the project requirements, but also the adoption of new solutions in the customer's organization.

How do we proceed

  • We help you decide which key areas to address.
  • We organize workshops with responsible persons in your organization - not just with IT.
  • We deliver a complete modern user cooperation architecture that takes into account your organization's conditions, such as Active Directory, Azure, Exchange, SharePoint, governance.

Step 3: Implementaion of the solutiondelivery and solution deployment based on proven concepts

  • Did your previous transformation projects fail? Did they fail to deliver the expected results? Does your organization fail to take full advantage of the project?
  • Are your IT projects delayed and beyond the budget?
  • Do you want a partner who understands your business targets, and at the same time, understands the reasons for the cloud and security needs?

We are always working closely with our customers, working as one team. With this approach, we ensure compliance with all the project requirements, but also the adoption of new solutions in the customer's organization.

Reseni problemu

Our solution

  • We truly understand what is involved in people's work and teamwork, and what the security requirements are in hybrid IT.
  • We have a range of best practices, tools, and solutions to ensure reliable transformation, and minimized downtime for users.
  • Our flexible team of consultants in the Czech Republic and the USA will ensure that your project is delivered by top consultants.

Your benefits

  • You are part of the project. You have full control over it. Our project team is ready to respond quickly and efficiently to any changes.
  • You save time and money as the transformation project will be delivered according to a defined scope and plan.
  • Inputs to modernize processes and ways of communication in your organization.

How do we proceed

  • We provide documentation, including the project plan, technical, security documentation and acceptance tests to verify the functionality of the solution.
  • We can offer redesign and optimization of the existing solutions and development of new solutions fully using cloud functions.
  • We provide you with a clear list and guidelines for optimizing your infrastructure for the future achievement of a higher return on investment.
  • The end result is a perfectly functioning device lifecycle management that meets the needs of your organization.
  • We teach your employees to make the most out of Teams, Yammer, Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, Office, and on any device.

Step 4: Adoption of solutionwith a focus to get your organization and users to accept the new solution and take full advantage of it

  • Are you sure that your organization is able to cooperate as a whole to achieve the targets set out at the beginning of the project?
  • Do the right people have the necessary access to the tools at the right time?
  • Are your employees confused by the range of tools available to them?
  • Do you provide attractive and efficient training for your employees?

According to Gartner, the standard for accepting new technologies by the user in the field of IT is only 43 %. This is a problem for IT because we are falling behind in comparison to healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and others who generally adopt new technologies much earlier and with much greater enthusiasm. This means that not only is IT lagging behind in being open to doing things more effectively, but it is also really unsuccessful in adopting new solutions.

Reseni problemu

Our solution

  • Proven adoption models ensure your employees take advantage of new technologies.
  • We help you create a handbook for the correct use of your new solutions.
  • Together with you, we can create a benefit plan that describes in detail how the benefits of your new solution should be implemented and measured.

Your benefits

  • Your IT team members will understand the processes, their roles and the skills and abilities they need.
  • You will get a full return on your investment, as new technologies will actually be used in the right way.

How do we proceed

  • We support you in motivating your employees by highlighting the key benefits of the new solution, training them and providing support when needed.
  • Our adoption programs and user engagement will help you nominate ambassadors in your organization who help their colleagues and cooperate to continually develop ways of working.
  • We deliver a plan of benefits from the project and training materials, including videos.

Step 5: Managed serviceensuring the operation and continuous development of solutions to meet the future needs of the organization

  • Is it difficult to keep up with all the new features of not only the cloud platform and main-tain a constant overview of the risks?
  • Do you have a partner who can not only operate and manage cloud environments, but more importantly, constantly develop and optimize the environment along with your experts?
  • Is operating a stable IT environment a key competence and activity of your IT team?

Your internal team of IT specialists focus primarily on maintaining operations and end-user support. This leaves less time to monitor the IT trends, security risks associated with IT operations. Take advantage of Managed Services, where your IT team is supported by KPCS experts.

Reseni problemu

Our solution

  • The services we manage are constantly updated and operated in accordance with the manufacturer's standards and recommendations.
  • We also help maintain your processes, information security, and identity management with changing business needs.
  • We provide you with the latest information on technology changes, your business opportunities, and offer training if needed.

Your benefits

  • Your services will have exceptional availability.
  • You will be able to focus on your business and users, instead of operation of the technology.
  • You will get a proactive approach and strategic planning of the IT services.

How do we proceed

  • We offer reliable managed on-prem and cloud services including updates, monitoring, and 24/7 support.
  • We offer a continuous development service with a continually updated plan, dedicated Service Level Manager (SLM), and infrastructure specialists to help you maximize your benefits related to the managed service.
  • We regularly supply system updates, updated road maps, planned changes and impacts, training materials, and videos.