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We are recognized as an expert accross the Cloud Adoption Framework journey by Microsoft.

Your goals

Your goal to use the value of Azure cloud to the fullest is a measure of our success.

Expert team

Our Azure cloud team members are certified, we have a team of experienced Azure developers and certified ethical hackers.


Our results and satisfied customers speak for us,  we are able to apply historical knowledge of different types of organizations.

We use Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework

The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework provides technical guidance for Microsoft Azure. The Cloud Adoption Framework offers enterprises a reliable methodology designed to help create and implement the business and technology strategies necessary for an organization to succeed in the cloud. 
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Added value for you

We are working according to Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework metodology. In addition, you get our best best practice, with regard to your organization.
  1. Don´t worry about licensing, we are Cloud Solution Provider
  2. Fast analysis and calculation of TCO / ROI in the cloud
  3. The right choice of suitable cloud solution for your organization
  4. Design of the migration process and subsequent operation
  5. Implementation of migration, technology transfer support
  6. Post-migration support and operations
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Meet two stories of many of our customers


E.ON Česká republika, s.r.o.

  • Countries covered: Czech Republic/EU
  • Industry: Energy
  • Number of employees: 1.086, number of users: 60.000
  • Workload migrated: 18 Virtual Machines in three environments, 3 Azure PostgreSQL databases, OS - CentOS 7.6
E.ON supplies electricity and gas to homes, businesses and municipalities. Their policy is to help customers save money and protect nature at the same time. More than 20% of E.ON energy comes from renewable sources, which makes this company one of the top suppliers of clean energy in the Czech Republic. In addition to the attractive energy prices, E.ON provides extra services such as regular boiler maintenance inspection or professional electrician services.
What our customers are saying: Migration to Azure completely fulfilled our intentions. We have acquired a completely new IT standard, including process assurance and a high level of security.

Stars Behavioral Health Group (SBHG)

  • Countries covered: USA
  • Industry: Health Care
  • Number of employees: 2000
  • Workload: 15 Virtual Machines - Windows Server 2012R2 & 2016, SQL 2016 Server Always On Cluster Node
Since 1988, the company has been providing quality mental health and social services throughout California. Today, its clients are more than 30,000 children, adolescents and adults. The company employs more than 1,700 healthcare professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, social workers, nurses, rehabilitation therapists, counselors, teachers and more. The company currently offers its services in 45 locations and also offers more than 50 specialized programs.
What our customers are saying: Leveraging Microsoft Azure helps our business needs to scale and grow as we need to protect us from the disasters which are common in California. Using Microsoft Azure brought even new business possibilities.

Azure in your servicesdata center without borders

Are you tackling the future and security of your IT and business growth? Microsoft Azure Cloud Services delivers a data center without any limitations.

Our long-term experience with on-premises operation and cloud services brings you:

  • Fast analysis and calculation of TCO / ROI in the cloud
  • The right choice of suitable cloud solution IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Design of the migration process and subsequent operation
  • Implementation of migration, technology transfer support
  • Post-migration support and operations
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Azure Governancecloud services under control

Microsoft Azure is a very comprehensive set of cloud services for the creation, deployment and management of applications. Each organization has sometimes faced challenges when changing information systems, where nearly 75% of projects have not been completed on time or at a cost higher than expected. Your organization benefits from a set of recommendations on how to properly run the cloud services. These operating rules will allow an accurate prediction of what services, how and at what cost to operate. Azure governance focuses on 4 key areas:

  • organization management
  • security of resources
  • audit of resources
  • cost control

Why Azure Governance from KPCS?

  1. Because we are able to apply historical knowledge of different types of organizations
  2. Because we have top developers in Azure
  3. Because we have a team of certified ethical hackers

This unique combination ensures maximum utilization of the Azure platform in a secure configuration at predicted cost.

Everything can be calculated, checked and plannedverify your decision before the migration

Precise prediction of operation price

Overview of interdependencies between the systems

Optimal configuration recommendations

Recommendations for preparation of systems and applications

Cloud transition plan

The cost of TCO when moving to Azure