Life at KPCS

Working culture with a twist of having fun.

Touch the future. #DigitalOrganization

KPCS's origins in entrepreneurial mindsetand a passion for solving complex puzzles

The growth of KPCS is based on small start-up originated companies to create EU player in the Microsoft community. We have around 15 years of history behind us and an exciting future in front of us. KPCS company culture is based on resilience and tenacity to complete what we start. We encourage our people to take responsibility, innovate and collaborate to create new solutions. We also know how to have fun and take life as an exciting adventure.

  • Grow with us: close partnership with Microsoft and learning from your peers
  • Enjoy the journey: join many out of work activities
  • European culture: We embrace authenticity, trust and collaboration.
  • Talented colleagues: Join the community of many talented people, many of them recognized as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)
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Service Designcreate innovate visions and products

Customers of today expect unique, personalized service — one size does not fit all. Service Design combined with utilization of customer data allows you to deliver magical moments at each stage of your digital customer's journey. Customer-centric design principles and continuous cooperation with end-users, service personnel and business decision makers enable services that are lovable, usable and profitable. High quality service design is a set of tools and competences that helps you create meaningful and cherished customer experiences with good usability and accessibility. That is what the Solution architect expresses best.

But it's not just about projects, very often our Solution architects are involved in pre-sales and customer planning. They are individuals who have extensive knowledge not only of a technical nature but who are able to bring technology closer to the customer's business. Thanks to this knowledge they also very often cooperate in the creation of new products in KPCS.

Service TransitionDeliver best of breed projects

KPCS's consultants play an important role as they engage with our customers in a variety of projects. They support our customers in adopting and making the most of new technologies and enterprise solutions to maximize business performance. Our solutions are concentrated on Microsoft technology and focus on topics ranging from digitalization, cloud like Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Azure. Our consultants are highly skilled professionals who have a deep understanding of our customers' business and technology as well.

As a highly skilled professional you will understand customer requirements clearly and develop effective project delivery solutions. Cooperation with our Solution architects and Project managers is the key to the success of the project. Most of our Solution architect started as a consultant in the past.

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Service OperationsProvide best of breed customer experience

Our customer support team is responsible for ensuring timely and high-quality support for the services that we provide. We want to offer our customers the best possible customer experience. Our customer service team is recognized by their excellent competences and passion for serving the customers the best possible way.

Implemented projects usually pass to support or operation. For this reason, the Service operations team is indispensable for the success of the customer's business, but also for the long-term value of the delivered projects. An integral part of the activities in Service operations is the operation and support of our own products. Here it is necessary to cooperate with other teams in KPCS to change, improve or introduce new services.

Project ManagementHave everything under control

What does a project manager do? Everything!

The main goal is to ensure smooth delivery of projects of all kinds. From pre-sales support, resource coordination to project budget and plan compliance. In these roles the experience varies from recently graduated to senior experts. As a project or service manager, your career starts typically from a role of a project or service coordinator. In these positions you have an opportunity to work closely with our customers and create first class digital solutions which help our customers to run their businesses and operations.

Individual team members work with PMI on a daily basis, work is not only about expert knowledge, but must be able to negotiate, have empathy, be a leader, willing to help and be able to filter out the team from negative influences. The project manager is the bridge between upper management and the teams tasked with the actual execution of the project. They make sure the scope of the project is sound, reporting regularly on the progress of the project and that it is staying on the approved schedule.

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Finance a backofficekeep KPCS running - count with us

In the finance department, we solve everything that is not of a purely technical nature. We take care of finance, controlling, invoicing, taxes, insurance, fleet, but we are also responsible for the operation of the reception and HR matters.

The know-how is at a high level, we know the above issues not only at the level of the Czech Republic, but also abroad. This has a logical explanation given our branches in the US and work for foreign customers. We also provide advisory to our employees.

In addition to ensuring the smooth operation of our office, the main tasks also concern financing - from our suppliers, through customers to our employees.

The KPCS team would not be able to work without this support. And just as importantly - we provide services not only professionally, but also with a smile.

Sales, Marketing a Product managementEverything is about our customers

At KPCS we have exceptional account managers. These are people who are experts in their field, from maintaining relationships with existing customers, through acquisitions of new customers, to solving complex business problems. Senior traders also have exceptional knowledge of Microsoft products. Only in this way we can understand the needs of our customers and thus find the most suitable solutions to specific problems.

The marketing team helps them in their work. With the shift to digital technology, we are aware that marketing is a new sales. Members of the marketing team take care of customers even outside specific business cases. When you receive your birthday greetings, it is their dedication.

Both teams work with other KPCS departments, as everyone is the best in their area.

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