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Work on any deviceanywhere, anytime, but securely

As devices have shrunk, they are more portable and powerful, with the ability to take them anywhere, anytime. As a result, end users carry phones and tablets (basically mini computers) with them wherever they go. They no longer want to work only on their corporate laptop and, frankly, they want to choose what type of device they work from, while maintaining the usual ways of doing their job.

Working on multiple devices helps connect teams, increase productivity, contributes to the digitization of organizations. Today, users have many options for what device to work on. Computers and laptops became commonplace many years ago. Very popular smartphones and tablets are now used to perform common work tasks.

No matter what platform users use for work or play (Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android), they are most likely to have access to corporate data. This is a challenge for traditional IT organizations. Personal smart devices allow users to be more productive even when they are not at work. Checking emails, responding to communication with the teams they work with, sharing ideas, capturing moments have become standard.

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Up to date OSreduce the cost of running your computers

Windows 7 support has been discontinued. Major Windows 10 updates occur twice a year.

Operating systems that are nearing the end of their support run on more than a third of all computers worldwide. A non-uniform operating system increases the risk of security incidents, but also increases operating costs. Modern operating systems such as Windows 10 bring a number of new security and management capabilities. A common problem is also the transition to a new version of the OS, and the associated transfer of user data and settings.

Why with KPCS?from design, through implementation to operation

When transforming devices, we focus primarily on users, but we also understand that proper migration timing and management is very important. Our team has migrated more than a million devices worldwide.

Upgrade or migrate easily

  • Transition speed
  • Simplicity for IT organizations
  • Minimal impact on users
  • Increased security
  • Unify endpoint support and management
  • Fast return on investment with lower operating costs

Do you have your devices under control? Get control of them!

There is an unlimited number of devices on the market that users can work on. Not all devices are suitable for business use. Not all devices will help you comply with legal standards. On the other hand, each user has different needs and requirements.

Get an overview of which devices (desktops, notebooks, tablets, mobile phones) are suitable for use in your organization. However, the equipment does not end there. For devices to work properly, they need to be updated, set up, and secured. The Device Standard covers all of these areas, and what's more: you get a set of recommended settings that every device should have to comply with legal standards, prevent data leaks, and increase user productivity.

Why with KPCSfrom design, through implementation to operation

  • We know the needs of both large and small organizations and their users
  • We understand the technologies that meet the needs
  • We know how to take full advantage of security features without restricting the user in his work
  • Our biggest added value is the combination of all aspects together (technological, organizational, security, legal requirements)
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