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Every year, KPCS participates in a selected charity project. Mostly it is a charity event, the proceeds of which are donated to a very specific purpose. It was not possible to support such a mass event this year, so we decided to directly help those who found themselves in a difficult life situation related to the coronavirus pandemic. We identified the subjects that really needed help. Then we organized a fund-raising within the company. Both the employees themselves, who collected CZK 40,000 among them in a single week, and the company, which doubled the given amount, participated in the total amount collected. For CZK 80,000, we bought what was needed the most - especially food, drugstore goods, washing powders, face masks, gloves, and disinfectants.

Thereby we supported:

  • 10 single parents caring for children who have lost their jobs or found themselves in a difficult life situation due to a coronavirus pandemic. 5 recipients were directly from Prague 10, where our company is based, another 5 were from all over the country. Each single parent received a purchase worth CZK 4,000, depending on what they needed the most.
  • Retirement home in Chabařovice - Dům pokojného stáří sv. Ludmily, where they care for the elderly and people over the age of 55, suffering from Alzheimer's, senile and other types of dementia. There was an acute shortage of rubber gloves and detergents in the home, which we bought and handed over for CZK 20,000.
  • Children's Home Kašperské Hory - 32 children of different ages and genders live here in family groups in 4 apartments. The home welcomed any help, and because there was a great shortage of personal hygiene products, we bought shampoos, soaps, toothpastes, toothbrushes, etc. in the amount of CZK 20,000.

Every help is important, and the reaction of the recipients only confirmed it.

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