KPCS warning – risks of online conferencing services


Hacker groups are now focusing on communication platforms, such as ZOOM, which organizations use at this difficult time to provide their employees with the opportunity to work from home.

According to Hacker News, more than 1,700 domains have already been registered that pretend to be the ZOOM platform, luring their victims to fraudulent sites with the aim to install malware or ransomware on their computers and subsequently infiltrate the organization, where they will be able to further obtain information or spread ransomware. This may be one of the reasons to use the proven Microsoft Teams platform, as Microsoft has long and consistently fought against fraudulent domains and the Microsoft Teams client application will not allow access to an endpoint other than the one provided by Microsoft.

The second no less important fact is that communications between the customers and companies can be of confidential nature and an untrusted service provider can intercept them and possibly misuse or use them to their advantage. We will be happy to help you if you need it.

The National Center for Cyber Security also warns against this danger on its website.

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