ATOM ONE received the Product of the Year 2020 award


The unique prevention system against hacker attacks and IT system outages from KPCS CZ - ATOM ONE - won the 1st place in the competition organized annually by Computerworld, in the category of On-line and related services, and thus boasts the title of IT Product of the Year.

The ATOM ONE service is designed to help organizations prevent attacks on their environment or reduce the impact of such an incident. The organization that activates the service gains the opportunity to identify the security and operational deficiencies of its IT environment within a few tens of minutes, and thus gains an overview of its weaknesses. All the monitored parameters are located in one place, so it is immediately clear what to focus on and how to eliminate any shortcomings. ATOM ONE is a continuously evolving service, thanks to which the customers can react really quickly to new threats.

The "Product of the Year" competition has been announced by the Computerworld editorial office for many years with the aim of highlighting the products and services that differ significantly from competing products and services in the same category. When deciding whether a product/service will advance to the finals, the nominated product/service is compared within a corresponding group of products/services on the market - regardless of whether they are entered in the competition or not. If it significantly differs from them, it is entitled to advance to the finals. When determining the absolute winners in individual categories, the benefits of individual finalists in a given category are compared with each other.

"We highly value the IT Product of the Year award. It is an appreciation of our work and it is a sign that such a service is missing on the market and will be of great benefit to customers," says Ondřej Výšek, Chief Sales & Visionary Officer. "I would also like to thank everyone who participated in the development of this modern service and wish the service to be a real support to our current and potential customers."

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