KPCS is a finalist in the Microsoft Awards 2019

 Martina Koutníková

On 24 June 2020, the results of the Microsoft Awards 2019 competition were announced. This year's main theme was Digital Transformation, as a process representing a completely new way of connecting people, processes, and data. We are proud to announce that KPCS CZ received the award of a Finalist in the category Cultural change in the organization using Microsoft technologies. KPCS CZ has proven itself the power of the complete Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure solutions as a way of solving digital transformation and has set out in this direction as a model for its current and potential customers.

This year, KPCS CZ, which specializes in providing expert consultations and managed services, design and implementation of projects using Microsoft services technology, made a nomination in the Microsoft Awards, which is unprecedented in the history of the competition. It is because KPCZ CZ nominated itself with the solution "KPCS CZ digitizes its processes and strengthens the corporate culture" and, for its work, was awarded the title of the Finalist.

In today's modern and rapidly developing world, the concept of KPCS CZ regarding Digital transformation is the only way to respond quickly and effectively to customer requirements and to develop the business potential of organizations. By demonstrating the solution "on itself", KPCS CZ also proved that the solutions and services it offers work realistically and reliably in practice. The digital age has changed the approach to the end customer and the internal team of organizations. It is necessary to provide everyone with the right information, at the right time and in the most suitable form for their work, to offer them self-service functions.

Digital transformation solution in KPCZ CZ

As regards its own solution, KPCS CZ decided to transform all the information systems and processes used to manage the individual agendas into one central system Dynamics 365. The main goal of the solution was to provide the current and transparent documents for the management of the company, almost in real time. The center of all the activities is the end customer, taking into account the various stages of care for him. From marketing, awareness building, through the project sales cycle, managed services and Microsoft CSP, project delivery, and related management of consultants, to after-sales customer care. This was associated with changes in access to its own IT resources to enable a modern way of working without limiting the location or selection of equipment while maintaining a high level of security.

Such fundamental changes required professional communication, and therefore the tools for its management were included in the transformation project. The aim was to improve the management of the entire company supporting the growth of its business, increase of work efficiency, more transparent capacity planning and streamlining of assigned tasks, improving the process of internal and external communication, improving the care for current customers and faster response to potential customers. Another goal was to connect and harmonize processes and data of all the departments of the company so as to achieve a higher degree of automation of subsequent processes throughout the system and a robust reporting could be created capturing the complete life cycle of the order from lead to invoicing and based on the reporting, it would be enabled to measure the success of marketing activities, increase accuracy of prospects according to the business opportunities, have better control over the efficient use of human capital and clear and faster exchange of data between the order, its fulfillment and invoicing.

The benefits of the solution speak for themselves

Thanks to the high-quality information in real time within the reporting, the company management has enough information for quick decision-making, which has a positive impact on both work efficiency and the company's financial results. As a result of the implementation of solutions and adoptions for users, the efficiency of project delivery increased by 12 %, which has a clear positive impact on the company's financial results. It also includes proper planning of upcoming activities, and the possibility to work from anywhere, which has a positive impact on work-life balance.

The team work has been optimized, the exchange of information between people and teams has been improved, the process of passing the order through the company (from order to invoice) has been simplified and accelerated, all of that with a direct effect on improving the company's cash flow. Thanks to the interconnection of the entire system and its integration with some other marketing tools, the company can better communicate with the current and potential customers, and on the other hand, the company management can measure the results of marketing activities and optimize the costs related to marketing into those activities that bring the best result from the business point of view.

At the same time, the teamwork support has led to the consultants not being overloaded with information that is not directly relevant to their work, on the other hand, thanks to a more optimal setting of the internal communication system, using the above-mentioned tools, they can also share know-how among them more easily and draw information that they either need for their work or that are of interest to them.

The security of the entire environment has been increased without a negative impact on the productivity - we do not have to worry about password resetting, installing on-demand applications, resolving computer replacements, or backing them up.

Thanks to the secure solution, the company is a reliable partner, which increases its prestige in the eyes of customers, employees, and the professional public. Along with the ability to take advantage of a modern workplace, the flexibility and satisfaction of employees (regularly measured) have increased, and in the end, we have also seen a significant decrease in incidents and requirements related to internal computer technology.

You can do all of that too

The great advantage is, of course, the expert knowledge of the Microsoft portfolio and many years of experience with the implementation of partial solutions for customers. As Miroslav Knotek, the CEO of the company, says: “Using our own example, we can show how the digitization of processes in the cloud has moved us significantly forward. All the stakeholders benefit from it. The scalability of the system into the future, which we are counting on, is also a very significant benefit. "

As a strategic partner of Microsoft, KPCS CZ can also help you with digitization. As the saying goes, it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times. And KPCS CZ has really something to show.

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