KPCS Awards

Partner of the year 2014KPCS CZ is participating on prestigious competition Microsoft Awards since 2006. Awards a awarded to unique solutions which are built using of Microsoft technologies with measured value for customer.


  • Winner of category "Best Mobile device management"


  • Winner of category "Modern datacenter solution and mobile device management"
  • Finalist of category "Communication, telephony and corporate social networks"
  • Finalist of category "TOP Office 365 project"


  • Worldwide finalist of cetegory "Global Server Platform partner of the Year"
  • Winner of category "Enterprise communication and telephony"
  • Winner of category "Solution for modern datacenter"
  • Winner of category "Cloudový projekt Office 365 podporující růst a efektivitu malé nebo střední organizace"
  • Finalist of category "Corporate colaboration, project management and enterprise social networks"


  • Winner of category "Desktop upgrade - migration to the new Windows and Office"
  • Finalist of category "Database solution, data management and reporting"


  • Winner of category "Business Productivity"


  • Finalist of category "Best virtualization solution"


  • Winner of category "Best Windows Server platform solution"
  • Finalist of category "Best unified communication and instant messaging solution"