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Consulting by top of the class certified experts.

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Outsourcing – external network and server administration

Outsourcing is a process when a company delegates side activities and work to external company, specialized in providing these services. Outsourcing is considered as a business solution, which shall lead to decrease in costs and to focus on main processes, which increase competitive advantage of the company.

Advantages of outsourcing

  • Professionalism – the administration is handled by high qualified professionals. Their experience and professionalism represent the guarantee of high quality work done. Cost saving – the company can decrease direct labor costs as well as indirect costs e.g. costs for training new technologies
  • Flexibility – external administration is never provided by only one person. Therefore, it can never become a situation, that the local administrator becomes ill or leaves on holidays and the company stays without any support
  • Transfer of responsibility – responsibility for trouble free running of IS/IT in your company is transferred to external company

Why outsourcing from KPCS CZ?

  • Certification is the guarantee of the quality – our staff accomplished prestigious certificates from Microsoft e.g. MCP, MCSA, MCSE, MVP, MCT
  • Experience – we have longtime experience with administration of wide range of small as well as large companies

Professional consultations

We are ready to hand over to you our knowledge and experience in all areas areas, in which we operate in a form of professional consultations with our experts. Within the scope of consultations we can help you for instance in these cases:

  • Implementation of new technologies
  • Migration of SW and data
  • Security
  • Formation of breakdown plan
  • Advanced SW configuration
  • Proposal solution of IS/IT

Professional staff training

Our consultants accomplished titles Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), the highest possible certificate in area of training Microsoft technologies. Thanks to that we have access also to Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) books and courses so our trainings have the same statute just like the trainings at other training centers. More information about MOC trainings see: Besides these official courses we can provide you with training on any Microsoft product, e.g. Office and others.

  • Training official Microsoft courses (MOC)
  • Training „made-to-measure“ according to your requirements
  • Training at customer’s office

Made-to-measure solution

We take care off the needs of our customers for full and complex solution. To our customers we are able to supply complete solution including purchase of HW/SW, solution proposal based on customer’s needs, solution creation followed by support.

We guarantee to our customers

  • Keeping the contractual price of the project
  • Stability and functionality of the solution
  • High professionalism of used technologies
  • Fast realization and flexibility
  • Professional approach
  • Advice and support to our customers

Example offered solutions:

  • Implementation of mail system Microsoft Exchange 2003/2007
  • Network security by Microsoft ISA 2004/2006
  • Setting up Microsoft Active directory
  • Implementation of database system Microsoft SQL 2000/2005
  • Creation of cluster solution for Microsoft Windows 2003
  • Realization of PKI for using digital certificates
  • Creation of VPN
  • Wifi security by 802.1x
  • Implementation of solution for patch management WSUS, SMS
  • And more


Audit is a mean to evaluate if using IS/IT in your company is effective and safe. It’s a basic condition for optimalization IS/IT so that it supports the best accomplishing of main business goals. Within the frame of audit we can find all weaknesses, we evaluate their importance and propose provisions to improve the situation. We can also help you to realize these provisions.

Provádíme audity v následujících oblastech:

  • Security audit
  • Audit Active Directory
  • Audit of mail system Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003/2007
  • Audit of firewall Microsoft ISA 2000/2004/2006
  • Audit of database system Microsoft SQL 2000/2005

Project participation

Installation of new products, update to new versions, different migration procedures and other, all the above means a big stress for your company. We can offer you to resolve this situation for your and supply you with a full solution according to your needs. In case you already have a partner and in spite of that you would like an independent consultant with great knowledge, your company can figure in the project as another subject providing particular parts of the project.
  • Creation of the whole project and supply according to your needs
  • Implementation of parts of the project by our high professional consultants
  • Featuring in the project as an „independent“ third party

Health Check

You may know the situation in your company when sometimes happens something that you don’t entirely understand, and the error you are trying to remove by yourself is somewhere else than where you are looking for it. The interconnection of some products e.g. Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory is so large, that malfunction of one will immediately cause instability of the other one. Therefore we offer you a professional health check of your systems and remove of found errors. If you are interested, our consultant can interpret/explain the found information and you will accomplish not only sanitation of your environment but also training of your staff.
  • Health Check Active Directory
  • Health Check Microsoft Exchange
  • Health Check Microsoft ISA Server
  • Health Check of other Microsoft technologies


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February 18, 2015

KPCS CZ becomes Microsoft Azure Circle Partner

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