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IT konzultace

Konzultace špičkovými certifikovanými odborníky.

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Projektový management

Zkušení projektový manažeři mohou pracovat i pro Vaši firmu!

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Hostingové služby Exchange4U

Exchange 2010, SharePoint a další.

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Office 365

Recent trends in the field of IT/IS are quite obvious - demands on the increase of employees productivity and more effective information sharing in the company and towards the customers. Therefore the demands on the security and availability of information are growing. There is one possibility how to fulfill all those needs. You can use hosting solution from Microsoft Company called Office 365. It is a package of online services which includes Microsoft Office, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online. Office 365 is able to secure the e-mail communication and other groupware functions, Instant Messaging, Document Management, Shared Workspaces, Presence and Web Conferencing on a high level. All these services are available online so the user can work from any place with a connection to the internet and with the use of Office application even without the connection. Office 365 is designed both for small and big companies which can be seen on the example of implementation of BPOS at Coca - Cola Enterprise approximately for thirty thousand users.

The main motivation to the transfer to Office 365 is usually predictable operation and low acquisition costs, easy administration through web interface and last but not least 25GB large repository for every user. This model reacts to the need of cutting the costs on software, to outsource and to react promptly to the demands of the business by using new type of solution. At the same time there is no need to pay for server hardware, its operation and the place which it would occupy. The result of all these mentioned facts is lower acquisition costs. The monthly subscription of services dramatically makes easy the increase or decrease of their extension (Software as Service). We can’t forget to mention regular improvement of software and of course professional support of Office 365. The administration is usually much easier and it gives a chance to more effective management of IT staff. Positive fact for economists is that the service can be accounted into operation costs.

The subscription of Office 365 may be established by the customer himself through the customer portal which is completely in the Czech language – the only thing you need is Microsoft Live ID. On these pages can be found detail information about all services and there is also access to the 30 day trial version for up to twenty users. Although the customer can do all these by himself it is better to have some support and help with the implementation or some problems with migration and administration which may occur. Because of these facts the customer when ordering Office 365 can choose the company KPCS CZ, s. r. o. (ID 1784141) which has many years of experience with the implementation and administration of Microsoft servers. KPCS CZ is here to help the customer and maintain tech support of migration if required. The price of the services is not changed when another partner is involved- it is free for the customer. So don’t hesitate and state us as your partner when ordering the services.

See details about Office 365 on the web pages of Microsoft (http://www.microsoft.com/cze/office2010/sluzby/office-365.aspx) or you can contact us on Office365@kpcs.cz


Srpen 20, 2014

Teplo, slunce, písek a Cuba Libre dominovaly volejbalovému klání KPCS Byrokrat Cup

V sobotu 9.8. jsem se stali hrdým a hráčsky aktivním sponzorem volejbalového turnaje Byrokrat Cup, který se konal na sluncem rozpálených písčitých kurtech sportovního areálu Beachklub Pankrác. čti dál

Srpen 15, 2014

Jan Pilař: Přezdívka WRCko už k nám prostě patří

Našeho kolegu Honzu Pilaře zajisté znáte jako autora mnoha odborných článků a experta na serverové virtualizace pomocí Hyper-V a řešení Windows Small Business Server a jeho následovníka Windows Server edice Essentials. Kromě odborných a publikačních činností ve sdružení Windows User Group se věnuje ještě jedné navýsost zajímavé aktivitě a to automobilovým závodům rally. čti dál

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